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Software development done right.

Why You Should Hire Us

We're serious about software - as serious as you are about your business.

Every developer on our team has a computer science background along with real world experience.

We're methodical. We use the best tools, the best platforms and the best processes available.

A servant mindset is at the heart of the company. If you share this philosophy we're probably a good fit.


Custom Application Development

Process Developer has been developing world class software solutions for established enterprises and well-funded startups since 2010.

Our technology solutions solve business problems using a proven software development process that works.

If your project requires expert leadership or assistance with the design, implementation, or successful delivery of software we can probably help.

Enterprise Systems Integrator

Process Developer has been specializing in systems integration since the inception of the company.

This involves integrating, mapping and translating data - making systems talk to each other that wouldn't ordinarily be able to.

Complex problems are broken down into smaller problems and solved independently, while keeping a focus on the overall business requirements.

Testing - We've Got You Covered

We specialize in test driven development, which forces developers to focus on the core business processes that determine the success of a project.

We can help your organization design and write tests that map directly to core business requirements and outcomes.

By defining and writing tests early in the development life cycle it is much easier to determine the completeness of a project as it unfolds.

Web Security Matters - Dec 2015

Process Developer has a long history of secure computing on the web, behind the corporate firewall, and even on embedded devices.

Security is taken seriously at every level, including how we write and test our code to the infrastructure it runs on.

We understand the ins and outs of various compliance requirements and can help you maintain or improve the security of your systems.


Getting code to work is often easy - getting code to scale requires a real design.

It's much less expensive to get this right early on, but there are always things we can do to improve the performance of an application.

We can cache data, add indexes or create super fast lookup tables. We can refactor code, update libraries and distribute the load across multiple machines. With modern technology we can do it incrementally and affordably.

Tracking Performance

Imagine running a business without ever looking over your income and expenses. Any healthy system requires a regular evaluation of the inputs and outputs.

There is an old saying in the software business - garbage in, garbage out. If you're not keeping track of the inputs, the outputs will always surprise you.

At Process Developer this principle is baked into the DNA of who we are and what we do. Ask us how we can help.

Our History Founded in 2010, We still have our first customer.

Process Developer is hired to architect and re-engineer the online giving platform for The original product that had been delivered neither met the business requirements, nor worked without erroring constantly. We were able to take the product, which was written in Ruby on Rails and make it something that met the needs and of their clients.

December 2010

Premera - Group Policy Processing

Process Developer is hired to architect and develop Premera's new group policy integration process. We worked with the client and their partners to make sure the delivery was a success.

January 2011

True Blue, Inc.

Hired to provide architectural guidance in .net and WCF on behalf of Microsoft Connected Systems Division in support of aquired platforms written in open source restful API's.

September 2013 Goes Live

After two years of design, development and testing the eGiving Connect platform is released to production.

April 2013

PreViser Architecture and Engineering

Process Developer is hired to lead .net development for PreViser, being the only .net developer on staff at the time.

April 2014 is aquired by Ministry Brands

Process Developer is hired as chief application architect, developer and program mananager for the Connect platform.

March 2015

MorganSound - Web Application Development

Process Developer assists local small business with dynamic website and database e-commerce needs.

April 2015

Northeast Delta Denta Aquires PreViser

Process Developer is retained as a core developer on the PreViser technical team.

March 2016

Fidalgo Bay Coffee

Process Developer helps local coffee company process orders online.

July 2016

Paccar - Embedded Development

Process Developer assists global truck manufacturer in research and development for autonomous vehicle communications.

February 2017

Chinook Enterprises

Assisting local public benefit organization to scale their database systems to meet client demand.

January 2018